About Us

Brought together by the love of travel, we are a small, enthusiastic team with a unique combination of over 30 years of governmental and multinational experience and competencies: in the areas of diplomacy, cultural heritage, history, archaeology, communications, stakeholder management, protocol and events management, education, non-profits, project management and hospitality.

We believe in a multi-dimensional approach; the importance of harmonising different elements to achieve the desired outcome, which is ultimately to make people feel happy. We are diverse and inclusive, and having lived in international and multicultural environments, we believe in the importance of cultural and cross-cultural awareness and understanding, in our increasingly global lives.

Part of our goal is to help promote the Dutch heritage and culture. We also aim to support and work closely with the local businesses and communities.  A country of fascinating great history, its present day society is equally interesting: the people, achievements, the combination of the famous Dutch liberalism and traditionalism, unique landscapes and agrarian culture, its coast and islands, its canals and dykes, great museums, heritage sites and buildings and its great contribution to the arts. There is still so much to discover, experience and enjoy!

We also have a great passion for good food and stylish lodgings, which fortunately The Netherlands can boast an impressive number of! Not only has it a growing number (98 in 2013) of Michelin-starred restaurants, the simple seasonal, regional and traditional cuisines are just as delightful, oysters from Zeeland,  new herring in the spring, or a beautiful piece of young Texelse cheese with freshly baked local bread.

We are proud to have such a diverse, professional team with a wide range of life experiences and expertise: from adventurous surfing in Ecuador to spending the night amongst Aswan villagers on the Nile, organising a hippo-watching trip for VIPs in a West African jungle or accompanying visiting royalty on a shopping expedition.

We love what we do, and so do our partners and our future partners: local organisations, businesses and individuals who are passionate about what they do. We strive to provide our guests, clients and visitors with the best. We hope they will bring back with them wonderful memories of  their time in The Netherlands, and for our Dutch guests and those residing in The Netherlands, a happy experience with Orange & Co.

We hope to see you soon!

The O & C team