What We Do

Whether you are visiting the Netherlands for a holiday or official business, hosting your visiting company board members, very important guests or organising a special gathering or celebration, we are equally thrilled to help you and provide you and/or your guests with the best experiences.

We take pride in our personalised approach: we listen to our guests and we always try our best to meet their wishes and needs.

We believe that the hospitality business is an ‘experience’ business, and it is not just about simply providing our clients a service but about welcoming our guests with our best and making them feel happy.

We support and work very closely with heritage organisations, local communities and businesses and with the best providers in the country; and we try to combine the best of The Netherlands with the diverse experiences and expertise within our team. 

Our philosophy is to combine the art of traditional hospitality with the functionalities of modern life. Our aim is to make our guests happy. We try to pay attention to every detail and the very small things that can make a difference.

We believe in a multi-dimensional approach; the importance of harmonising different elements to achieve the desired outcome, which is ultimately to make people feel happy. We are diverse and inclusive, and having lived in international and multicultural environments, we believe in the importance of cultural and cross-cultural awareness and understanding, in our increasingly global lives.

We make it easy for everyone: visitors are able to relax and enjoy our special programmes and experience the best of The Netherlands, meanwhile clients who are hosting their friends or business partners, need only focus on spending quality time with their important guests, and leave all the arrangements to us!